My writings just disappeared…Sorry!書いたものが聞いてしまった。ごめん!!

Sorry folks….I ‘m still not used to this. I wrote a great blog and just "lost it" so here we go again.
Jongmoon arrived last night and we went to our favourite blow fish restaurant . We always order the blow fish bulgogi. Sweet and hot and great washed down with Soju wine.ウインク
This morning I went to school ( yes, I am still going) .It is only 30 minutes from door to door. Not bad for a big city like Seoul. To think I did all that preparation and we have caught up already! We have four intensive hours of classes. Conversation, reading,writing and grammar ( yuck). By the last class I had an awful headache but it seems I was not alone!
The best thing about being in Korea is the respect I get from being older than everyone in the class. Particularly the teacher ( younger than me) and the Korean American students are very kind.
Ok….now back to the books.

4 thoughts on “My writings just disappeared…Sorry!書いたものが聞いてしまった。ごめん!!

  1. 한국어도 함께 쓰면 공부가 될지도 모르겠습니다?そんなん無理インミカァ?フグプルコギ定食の肝心のフグが見え無いンミダ(;_;)オルマインミカ?

  2. 英語も日本語も十分でしょう!!韓国語のタイプも未だ無理ですね・・・・気をつけて自動翻訳を使いましょうね!!?フグの肝心は無かったです。フグのブルコギは一人前W17,000です!

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