Mr Kebabと彼の隣人たち Mr Kebab and his neighbours



今日、トルコの友人がMr Kebabと言う食堂につれて行ってくれました。最近少し心細いせいかその美味しさに感動して泣きそうになりました!

Nashville Sports PubRestaurantは昔のまま残っています。常連客は米軍でしょうか?ソウル人でしょうか?今度行ってみよう!


In the 30 years I have known Itaewon it has changed for the better.

30 years ago it was an area that sadly mainly serviced American soldiers from the base nearby.

Itaewon had the only hamburger shop in Seoul. That shop has long gone and has been replaced by eateries from all around the world. Today my Turkish friends took me to Mr Kebab, it tasted so good!

The Nashville Sports Pub and Restaurant is still there….I wonder if the patrons have all changed? Will have to check!


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