The Streets of Paris!!!

The Streets of Paris!
来週はParis Fashion のような大きいなイベントがあるようです。飛行機には日本のバイヤーもたくさん乗っていたようです。JALのサービス?それほど変わっていなかった。がんばっても首になる気持ちがあるかしら??かわいそうですね。この二日間パリの町を歩きつくした・・・町の風景を楽しんだり、有名なランドマークを訪ねたり、おいしいものを食べたり・・・・パリはきれいですです。しかし、久しぶりに言語に不自由を感じています。つらいですね・・・・
The Streets of Paris!!
Next week is something like Paris Fashion Week. The plane was full of fashionably dressed Japanese buyers. I must say I noticed no difference in the service on JAL. I guess everyone is expecting they will be the one the to become redudant?? Sad….
We are loving Paris, for the past two days we have mainly just walked the  streets, watching people, landmarks and done window shopping. You know it does make you feel inadequate when you don’t speak the language but I think I will just stick with Japanese and Korean! JM has so much energy. After being out all day JM has taken off on a long one hour “hike”….I am staying back at the hotel.

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