ABCのインタビュー My ABC interview and meeting Deborah Cameron

そこで・・・私をインタビューする予定のジャーナリストのDeborah Cameronさんが私と番組の紹介をしました!!紹介にあった私に対する凄い褒めごとを乗客が一生懸命聞いていた。少し恥ずかしくなりました!It’s me!! と言う勇気はなかった・・・
Nerves….I was up really early. Today was my 702 Radio interview. Expecting a delay in traffic I left early and just my luck- I got there real early. On the bus the driver was listening to ABC 702. Thank God! Then, unexpectedly Deborah Cameron gave an incredible introduction of me! Is that really me??? Everyone in the bus looked up and started listening to the radio…..they should have been looking at ME!! Arrived at the ABC, received my pass and after a cup of coffee and a few nervous trips the toilet I went to the studio. Nerves again as I waited but when my turn came I was immediately set at ease on meeting Deborah, and she kindly made it easy to just sit and chat. Deborah questioned me on my views as an Australian insider of Pachinko in Japan, discrimination against Koreans and my future endevours and what I hope to gain from studying in Korea.
I was introduced as a “businesswoman” and “human rights activist”. I have been called lots of things in my life but never a “human rights activist”. Human rights is something I hold dear to my heart and I feel honoured to be called an activist.

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