Itaewonでタコライス。Taco Rice in Itaewon


来週、から勉強が始まると忙しく寂しいと思う時間はないはずです。ソウルはやはり疲れます。6日目でやっと慣れたかしら?得意なバスを乗り回したりどこでも行きます。昨日は友人から紹介して頂いたSuji’s Restaurantに行って来ました。六本木にもあってアメリカンスタイルでとっても美味しかったです。今度オーナーのSujiさんと会う予定です。


Sorry! I have taken a break from my blog. I have been catching up with an Australian friend, eating great food and getting ready for school next week. BUT it is lonely on my own with nothing to do! I can’t wait for JM to come. Seoul is tiring, today is my 6th day so and I feel like I have finally started to adjust.

I have been riding the buses in Seoul again ( I am good at that). Yesterday I went to Suji’s Restaurant in Itaewon, Suji also has a restaurant in Roppongi and I have been in contact with her, hope to meet up with her soon.

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