大阪でグルメと買い物 Osaka food and shopping

月曜日に長男が帰って来ました。折角だから一泊だけ大阪で泊まりました。韓国料理→心斎橋でお買い物→お好み焼き→最後に Costcoで大量に買い物にホットドッグを食べて来ました。今日・・・・あまり食べたくないです!!
Danny came back on Monday so we had a night in Osaka. We started off with Korean food, the next day we went shopping in Shinsaibashi, had okonomiyaki, and then after a major shop up in Costco we finished off with hotdogs.
Don’t think I’ll eat too much today…..

疲れ tired

Tiredness is part of the mind….. All of a sudden I feel soooo tired and just can’t pull myself together. I am going to Osaka tomorrow so have decided to take it easy today and be more positive tomorrow.

末子の帰宅と豚の角煮と家庭料理の大切さ My baby is coming home! Home cooking and people!

。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。Maybe I am getting old? I woke up at 4 and wasn’t able to go back to sleep. My 20 year old baby is coming home tonight so I have made his favourite broiled pork. When I was on my own I wasn’t interested in cooking once but with people to eat my food it is easy to get back into the habit of cooking.
A few days ago I heard some good news and it was related to home cooking. One of our executives looks like he is FINALLY getting married. He was invited to his girl friend’s home and her Mum cooked a meal in his honour. These days people celebrate too many important occasions outside the home, when I heard he was invited to meet the parents at home I was relieved. Just hope he gets married now!!

自宅と庭で朝食 Being home and breakfast in my garden

I’m home! It feels so good! I am really tired and it was struggle to get out of bed this morning, but having breakfast in my garden is really nice!コーヒー

春と夏のお墓参り、チャプチェで凄いパーティでした。 Spring and summer visits to graves are different





On my last day in Korea ( until September) I went to Hadong with JM to visit his father’s grave. Last time we went in March but this time the scenery was different. JM’s cousin prepared some yummy food for us. There was even chapchae! Our Korean language teacher told us if we are invited to a party and there is chapchae ( potato noodles), consider it is a great party! It was! Thank you! Going home tomorrow! Yeah!!

差別する在豪日本大使と素晴らしいラッド首相の判断 The Japanese Ambassador who loves to discriminate and Kevin Rudd’s intuition!





Sometimes there is joy in cynical situations.

Last year a Japanese diet member proposed an amendment in the nationality law to allow dual nationality in Japan. I was quite excited because something like this would mean our family could take Japanese citizenship and remain Australian citizens. I was going to do a spot of lobbying myself through an introduction from our local MP, but Dad suggested he use his contacts and ask for an introduction through the Japanese Ambassador in Australia. Dad has done a lot of work with previous ambassadors and felt the new ambassador would be similar to his predecessors. Dad sent him a letter and he got a reply- “ I would be cautious to introduce a Korean family to any politician in Japan”. It was the rudest letter Dad has ever received and we were all duly upset. Unfortunately Dad ripped the letter up and threw it away. WELL…………….here is my good news! The Ambassador has done something to upset the PM Rudd and has refused to meet him. The Ambassador has been withdrawn to Tokyo (in shame). Wonder why? Go Kevin!!!Red lips

良いネットワークづくりと人道的支援 Great networking and humanitarian aid.



Yesterday, I had an experience that made me once again consider the importance of friends and good networking is. It can work wonders. A few weeks ago when Tessa visited Seoul she made a visit to the Eugene Bell Foundation.


a Christian NGO that sends TB medication to patients in North Korea. Recent problems between ROK and DPRK have escalated to the extent that an embargo has been placed on all human aid to DPRK from ROK. Without the continuation of TB medication aid to these 500 patients the outcome would certainly have been death. The Eugene Bell Foundation asked Tessa if she could be of any help in asking the Australian government to lobby the Korean government to lift the humanitarian aid embargo. I contacted the Australian Ambassador who kindly said he would look into the matter. I was not expecting big things to come out of my request but guess what! YESTERDAY I got an email from the ambassador advising me the embargo placed on this humanitarian aid had been lifted and the TB patients in the DPRK will once again receive their medications!! What an achievement!!