JALのグランドスタッフの最高のサービス、JAL国際線の最低なサービスとかぼちゃと青いりんごのスープ JAL has fantastic ground staff, poor cabin crew and my pumpkin and apple soup!

I arrived in Sydney yesterday after parting with dear( sick) sweet JM….. Look forward to seeing you again soon! JAL ground staff service has really improved….in fact they are amazing! I was expecting big things from the cabin crew but they were VERY dissapointing! Most of the passengers were Australians so maybe the Japanese JAL crew didn’t see any point in trying hard for non – Japanese passengers?
It is winter here in Sydney, great for sleeping and great for staying at home! Daughter Naomi is a fantastic cook ( she learnt if from me!), I found her soup recipe book and am cooking pumkin and apple soup. Yummmmmmmmmmmmmm!! Cooking with a great view really isn’t that hard! It is a delight….

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