儒教の国韓国とバス席の譲り合い Confucian Korea and riding buses

In Confucian Korea it is unconditional that a senior will be given a seat on public transport. Today I was asked to sit down twice by some lovely young people…..thank you! I accepted the seat graciously.
Tomorrow I start at Sogang….I am now looking forward to going….

高麗大学のセクハラに対して西江大学の学生に対する感心が違う Sexual harassment at Korea University and pastoral support at Sogang University

頑張ろう!! 待っている間に英語のセクハラ予防ガイドが目に入りました。中を読んでみたらセクハラに対する対策も分かりやすく、徹底的に許さないことが伝わります。高麗大学と大違い!!4ヶ月通ってもそのようなパムフレットなんて見たこともない・・・ それなに・・・・西江大学を一回目で見つける・・・  
私の友人が高麗大学で副学長に酷いセクハラをされた・・・・校内裁判で彼は有罪となったけど結果は友人に接近禁止命令が出たのみ・・・・昔から平気でおとなしい学生にセクハラをして来た彼は又するでしょう・・・・ 私は辞めて良かったです・・・成績証明書と退学届けを持っていくだけでも嫌です・・・・
I arrived in Seoul last night, unpacked and have been busy all day.
Sometime this week I will officially hand in my withdrawal papers at Korea University….the sooner the better!!
Seoul is also cooler than HOT Japan…. Wonderful!
Today I went to Sogang University for a placement interview, they asked me if I would like to start in Level 4 but as I would prefer to have the ability to speak as I can write and read I asked them to put me in Level 3….so I am going in the top class in Level 3. While I was waiting I picked up a pamphlet about sexual harassment prevention at Sogang. On my FIRST visit there I pick this pamphlet up straight away and I NEVER saw one at KU….just goes to show????
My friend was sexually harassed by the Assistant Dean at KU….he was found guilty at a committee hearing and there is now an AVO out on him but that is it….. He still teaches and he will do it again…
I am soooo glad I am not going back! I don’t even want to go this week to pick up my documents!         

我が家のタジン鍋ダイエット Our tajine diet…..

We are both on Japanese style tajin diets…… easy, cheap, quick, low calorie, and very healthy.
Today’s tajin has onions, bean sprouts, cabbage, mushrooms, chicken , chives and shiso…..I sprinkled a little olive oil over the top and put if on the stove and cooked it slowly for 30 minutes. We ate it with ponsu……yummmmmmm…. 

若者の行動に無関心な日本社会 It takes a village to raise a child

ヒラリークリントン氏はご自分が書いた本をアフリカの格言にしました→it takes a village to raise a child- 良い子に育つ為、村全体の協力が必要。つまり社会が一人、一人でつながっている。昔、日本でも怖いおじさんやおばさんが居て子供を叱っていたそうです。若者に対して関心と愛情のある方々に戻って来て欲しいですね・・・・昨日、疲れはてて東京の地下鉄に乗りました。満席で立つの精一杯でしたけど何と空いた席がありました。そして何と女子高生が何と何と平気な顔をして二つの席をまたいで座っていました。「座らして」と言ったら聞かない振りして私を無視・・・・今度こそ手を使って「あなた、そちに行きなさいね・・・」と言い座らせて頂きました。少し窮屈でしたけど意地で座りました。そこで私ががびっくりしたことに周りの反応!彼女が迷惑を掛けているにかかわらず私の発言と行動に乗客がびっくりをしていました。皆さん!!子供が可愛いと思うなら必要な時に叱るのが愛情と思います・・・社会全体的に責任があると思います。これからの日本はどうなりますか??
Hilary Clinton wrote a book called “ it takes a village to raise a child”, she took the title from an African proverb. It is all about communities caring for one another. In Japan you often hear of the elderly who used to step out of their comfort zones and scold children. Sadly, it doesn’t happen anymore in Japan….everyone is too selfish, they only look after their own interests.
Yesterday on the subway in Tokyo there was hardly anywhere to stand and I had lots o bags….THEN I found a vacant seat. Well sort of…..to my disgust this young girl(16?) was sitting across two seats. I really needed to sit down and politely asked is she could move a little, she ignored me….so with a little motioning and in a less polite manner I told her to MOVE. She did. I must admit it was a bit of squeeze but I had to prove my point. What really surprised me was the fact that people were shocked by my insistence on sitting down rather than a sense of disgust that the young girl was rude and selfish. It think it is really sad for young people when communities are indifferent about the behavior of the young…..  

ドイツの朝食、巡礼、と裸な中年夫婦 A German breakfast, a pilgrimage and two naked Germans

We (I) ate too much for brekkie again…..the German brekkies are nice We then went on another long walk around the beautiful lake and on our drive back to Munich we decided to make a pilgrimage to Markt1 ….where Pope Benedict was born and baptized. It is a very small town but now there is an expressway that links this little town to the rest of Germany(?)….JM named it Benedict Road…quite right! We visited St Oswald where he was baptized and the house he was born in. I bought some “religious goods” and we left for Munich…..I guess our day was a little “ off the beaten track” but it was worth it……..
Now… after a few days in the country we are back in the big city . On arrival in Munich we found a nice little spot near the river where we could have a picnic lunch. We sat down and opened up our lunch and looked around……there were lots of people sunbathing in the bathing costumes……fair enough, Germany doesn’t get that much sun, then we noticed that an 60ish couple was sunbathing naked……they made no effort to cover up but walked around with a “look at us” look……no thank you…… ! Wow!

ダブルバビのお陰で・・・・With the help of modern technology

With the help of two car navigation systems we took off for a day in Salzburg  Austria…. Salzburg was is such a beautiful city …..I will definitely go again.
We visited Mozart’s birth place, the churches in the area and had a nice walk around…..what impressed me is how many locals wear their national costume, there are lots of shops that sell all different styles… I finally found some truffles from the local area and I am really thrilled….will take it home and try to impress people I cook for! With the help of our car navigation systems we are now a lot more adventurous so we drove back along country roads……nice! We are stayed in a beautiful hotel on a hotel right in front of a lake in the Southern Alps. I guess it is a busy area during the ski season and I was looking forward to somewhere quiet…..instead they have turned on this big welcome party for us (joke….but it went on right in front of our room….). We retired and let the locals enjoy but I wish they could have hired someone who can actually sing! BUT it is a beautiful area and the lake is really beautiful….we went for a walk around the whole lake after we arrived.    

素敵なドイツの写真・・・・Some nice pictures of Germany

We have been travelling in our rented car. The little towns, the floral displays and the landscape is as beautiful as those postcards we have all seen…
And everyone is sooooo kind and helpful