JALの国際線の乗務員は相変わらずごう慢です。JAL International flight crews are still arrogant.

What am I going to do?
Japan is so hot! To think I have come from winter…..
I flew home on JAL. The JAL ground staff at any airport have improved immensely. In fact you wonder if they are the same people who worked for JAL in the past. They are fantastic. Sadly….the JAL crew has not changed, they are still as arrogant as they were before, in fact their disgruntled attitude towards JAL is obvious in their work…..I hate to say this but the middle aged women are the pits….
Maybe the work tires them out because they only smile 30 minutes before arrival and maybe they can’t be bothered making the effort for non Japanese passengers?
In any case, even in Business Class I felt pushed around in order to make their work easier for themselves. Not impressed.

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