IKEA,賢い息子と大学院の始まり、IKEA, a clever son and the start to school.

いよいよ明日から大学の授業が始まります。ドキドキです。広いキャンパスで教室が 見つかるかしら?しばらくは慣れないことに余分な神経を使い疲れるかも分かりません。
IKEAに三回行きやっと必要なものを揃った。今日は次男と喧嘩を覚悟で 二人の机と 椅子を組み立てしまいした。喧嘩?なかったですよ! 次男は着々と上手にしてくれました。たくさん褒めておきました。出来上がったものを写真で見て下さい・・・素敵でしょう??
School finally starts tomorrow. I am nervous. I hope I can find myself around the campus. It is gigantic! I may be feeling extra tired for a while, doing new things can be exhausting. It took 3 trips to IKEA to get everything I needed and today son and I assembled 2 desks and my chair and surprisingly…there were no arguments. Joseph actually loved doing it! Think it makes men feel important! I gave him lots of praise and he just worked harder!! He did such a good job. Cute! The desk and chair now look really good and don’t make my room look as small as I thought they would. Naomi installed a digital box for our TV and now we have 10 extra channels….love the other ABC news channels.
Well off to school tomorrow……


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