NYで出会った可愛い子供達達 The little angels I met in NY.




4歳と6歳の子供たちがとっても可愛くて、活発で可愛くて、小さいなりに礼儀正しく、会えてうれしかったです。私と夫に お婆ちゃんー할머니、お爺ちゃんー할아버지と呼ばれて我が家の次女、次男が馬鹿笑いしました・・・・その後に自分たちがおばさん、おじさんと言われショックを受けたようです!!

長幼の礼は日本にないでしょうか。NYから帰りの便に他の人と同様に席を倒しました。すると・・・後部座席が私の席を叩いて来た・・・・覗いてみると 22歳ぐらいのお譲さんでした。「少しなら良い」と言われ、びっくりしました!冗談じゃないよ。攻撃しました。どうして・・・年上の私(首にヘルニア持ち)が彼女のむちゃくちゃな言うことを聞く必要か?結果的に 席の後ろを数回蹴られ、無視しました。韓国やオーストラリアなら 長幼の礼は未だあります。当然のことでしょう??? 日本の学校教育が悪いとの意見もあるけど このように年長者を敬わないことは 間違えなく 家庭教育に責任がある・・・・・

4歳と6歳の可愛い「孫たち」がきちんと 挨拶が出来るのは やはり家庭教育がしっかりされているからでしょうね・・・・・


Back from NY. This year is supposed to be warmer than usual but the cold wind made the warmer temperatures seem a little colder…..

This time we visited JM’s nephew and family who recently immigrated to NY. JM’s nephew’s wife is 7 months pregnant but she cooked us a wonderful Korean lunch. Their little girls were soooo sweet! At 4 and 6 they still had wonderful manners and were  very respectful. Our kids thought it was really funny when we called grandma-할머니and grandpa-할아버지…that was until they got called “auntie and uncle” ….haha.

Then on the plane on the way back I had a very strange experience. I reclined my economy seat and the person behind me knocked it back…. Confused, I put my seat up and then the person in front of me reclined his seat…..I started to feel sick and wondered how (and why) I was going to sit with little space, arthritis in my neck for 14 hours……….I looked around to see that the person who wouldn’t let me recline my seat was about  22 years old, a nice looking young Japanese woman. I asked her if she understood Japanese (a question that annoys Japanese people because they don’t want to look Chinese or Korean)….she said “you may recline just a little”, what the heck??? I told her I would be reclining, the whole event was making me feel nauseous….I guess she knew she had lost but kicked the back of my seat at least 3 times during the flight……

How about respect for someone older??? Doesn’t that exist in Japan anymore?

If two sweet little girls can be respectful to their seniors why can’t a 22 year old “nice looking young woman” do the same?? It has to do with manners taught at home.

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