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昨日、飛行機で「フェミニズムと朝鮮」の本を読んでいたら、隣に座っていたおじさんが 突然 席を変えました。金髪外国人+朝鮮+フェミニズムの組み合わせはあまりにも嫌だったかも??爆笑!




Yesterday on the plane I was reading one of these books- Korea and feminism and the Japanese man sitting next to me moved seats………….maybe the combination was just too much???





ハンナ・アレントを見て考えた事。 Thoughts on the movie Hannah Arrendt

Hannah Arendt: a bad conscience does not neces...

Hannah Arendt: a bad conscience does not necessarily signify a bad character (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


昨日のハンナーアレンドを神保町の岩波ホールで見て来ました。 毎日が満員と聞いたので 2時間前にやっと切符が買える状態でした。

社会学者見田宗介 の本で読んだ文を思い出した。引用:
現在の日本も同じと思います。気付いたら戦争? 本来なら過去から見習う事は出来ると思うけど・・・


Yesterday I went to see Hannah Arendt, I just managed to get a ticket 2 hours before it started.

I have been thinking about Arendt’s viewpoint on the social condition when we stop thinking issues through-“The sad truth is that most evil is done by people who never make up their minds to be good or evil.”

I remembered reading about Japan’s participation in WWII and the words of a Japanese sociologist Mita, I have translated his thoughts:

Japan’s greatest mistake when it entered the Great East War (WWII), wasn’t as if it had a powerful leader like the Germany Nazis, just an irresponsible system where no one expressed their opinions, no one protested and everyone just followed the trend of public opinion, in keeping up with the Joneses. As a result of these actions, like a group of penguins falling into the sea, they entered the war. Present day society still exhibits these trends in the corruption and anti-social conduct of enterprises and bureaucracy. The inner workings of these institutions resemble the same organizational mechanisms that lead Japan to war.

ニュースで紹介されない良い話 Something you won’t read in the news

English: Flag of Kanagawa Prefecture. 日本語: 神奈川県旗

English: Flag of Kanagawa Prefecture. 日本語: 神奈川県旗 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




Today I found out that the Korean school in Yokohama is to receive an award for their blood donations to the community. The award will be presented by the Governor, the very person responsible for refusing funding to the school.
Ironically, the Korean schools are accused of being “anti-Japanese“, but to be eligible for this award there must be regular blood donations for 5 years. In the past 5 years, the local Kanagawa Prefecture has shown unreserved discrimination towards the school, however, despite these trends the school has continued to honour the community. Who shows integrity here? The “anti-Japanese Koreans” or the Japanese local government? You won’t read about this in the news….

本当は誰が壁を高く設定していますか?Who builds the high walls?



昨日は FBの仲間に 東京代一幼初中級学校を案内して頂きました。
学校長と面談、古い校舎、新しい校舎、授業参観 (子供たちが突然教室に入る金髪のアジュムニにびっくり!幼稚園の年長さんと先生とお写真も撮りました。そして校長先生と 私の研究と現在社会、在日の困難な問題についてお話をさせて頂きました。本当にVIPの扱いで申し訳ないです・・今回、関東の朝鮮学校の訪問は2回目ですが・・・前回と同様、教育に暖かいものを感じた。 朝鮮学校は誰でも歓迎しています。もっと日本人にも体験して欲しいです。壁は日本社会が高く作っているのではないでしょうか?? 小さい時からバイリングアルの子供たちに豊な感性を感じた。朝鮮学校出身の方々は日本社会に大変貢献出来る素質を持っているのにどうしてこんなに排外されるか分かりません・・・・
I love Facebook! I have met so many amazing people in the Korean community who have been helping me make contacts for my research. Today I visited the Tokyo Korean School with an FB friend, I was given a tour of the old school that is just about to be demolished, the new school, observed the children in their classes (yes, they were all really surprised when they turned around to see a blonde woman standing behind them!) I met the principal and we talked about my research issues and Koreans in Japan are facing at the moment. Definitely VIP treatment for a humble student!!
Children who are bilingual from a young age are definitely different. These children have so much to offer Japanese society, but instead they are ostracized.

福島の国会事故調結果Results of the Fukushima Nuclear Accident Independent Commission Report

昨日、福島で 石橋哲さんの講演を聞いて来ました。彼は国会事故調には調査統括補佐として参加、プロジェクトマネジメントを担当しました。国会事故調の懸念する結果が出て、調査もが終了しても 政府から何の動きもありません。調査結果は60箱に詰めたまま・・・・
形だけの民主主義でしょうか。そこで 石橋さんが わかりやすいプロジェクト国会事故調編を立ち上げました。 非常に分かりやすい動画も紹介しています。シェアー大、大感激です・・・・
Yesterday in Fukushima I attended a workshop by Ishibashi Satoru a convener of the National Diet of Japan Fukushima Nuclear Accident Independent Investigation Report. The commission has finished, the results are incredibly worrying but typical Japan, nothing has been done. The results are just sitting in 60 boxes somewhere in a government building. Ishibashi has since set up his own project. You might be interested in the easy to understand videos he has on his website-

拷問試験通過?A torturous exam….

54歳の博士課程学生(私)は 社会学の拷問試験を無事通過した(と思う)・・・ほっとしました!人生色々・・・冒険@立教大学
I’m 54 and I have just finished my first (tortuous) major oral exam as part of my PhD…a sociology exam (in Japanese)…I think I passed. Wow! Life if for adventures!
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