Amazing DNA?




I hear there people who doubt my story, so I am posting this photo again as PROOF! My great great grandmother gave birth to 17 children. Only one child died in childhood and most lived to a ripe old age….my great grandfather was 97 when he passed away. This other photo is of my great grandfather with his siblings in old age. Amazing DNA ??


私の緑の目と国境のないDNA. My green eyes and I my border less DNA

Micah's DNA

Micah’s DNA (Photo credit: micahb37)

ヂンギスカーン のドキュンタリーを見ました。そして、私は何時ものように一人歩きをし出しました。モンゴル人について 少し調べました。何と モンゴル人に 金髪と目の緑の人も居ると・・・さすがユロアシア(Euroasia)!! 私は 今まで考えた事がないけど 私の目の色も 緑です。調べて見ると目の緑の人は非常に レアで世界では 1-3%だそうです。びっくり!!

オーストラリア生まれの私は ケルト系で、アングロサクソンと人種的に違うそうです。

そして、目の緑の人の起源は 北欧、南欧、そして、ユロアシアの アフガニスタンやモンゴル近辺だそうです。ええ?ひょっとして 私の遠い、遠い祖先は アフガニスタン人?考えるだけで ワクワクする!国家は国境を作るけど 私たち人間のDNAに国境はない!!私は国際人!私のDNAに国籍がない!!


つまり、同じこと・・・日本人は単一民族ではない・・・・世界では単一民族はいない・・・  私たち人間は全員 ハイブリッド(雑種)です・・・私の緑の目がとっても好きになった。



I recently saw a documentary on Genkis Khan and as usual I got distracted and went off on a tangent doing a little bit of research on Mongolians. Wow……I didn’t realize there are blonde Mongolians with green eyes!! In fact I have never even given green eyes much thought. I have green eyes and  I just  found out that they are very rare, only 1-3% of the world has green eyes!  Amazing. I am rare!! The origins of green eyes are said to be from North Europe, South Europe and also from the Afghanistan and Mongolian regions. I am an Australian born of Celt descent………..just to think that one of my distant ancestors might have been from somewhere like Afghanistan makes me feel dizzy with excitement ! Amazing!!  So, my DNA is global!! No borders ,no boundaries and no passports. Only foolish countries create confines.

I recently read this interesting article about Japanese origins, it stated that he present day Japanese are the mixed descendants of the archipelago’s earliest settlers Jomon-jin and the late-comers Yayoi-jin who crossed the strait from the Korean peninsula, according to a genetic analysis. The same again!

The Japanese are not pure, in fact, no ethnic group is, like it not, we are all hybrids and I love my green eyes, they have taken on a new meaning for me.

Love, not war…..