富士山!Mount Fuji!!

On the flight from Osaka to Narita we had a clear veiw of Fuji san. I am on my third glass of champagne as I wait in the lounge….had better be careful…

外国人地方参政権と根強い差別 Suffrage for foriegners in local elections and deep set prejudice

昨夜、PCでYou Tubeを見ました。外国人の地方参政権の反対派警察と激しくもみ合う映像を見ました。きっとテレビでは見せれないでしょうね?そして、今朝、出発する前にテレビで外国人参政権の議論会を見ました。誰一人も賛成しません。と言うか賛成している人はテレビで公に言わない・・・臆病者ばかりでがっかりしました。日本はそれだけ差別が根深いと思うと悲しくてたまらなくなりました。これで一般永住権の私に地方参政権が当たられても怖くて投票所に行けないと思うね・・・・
I am at Osaka Airport again,  I have had my sushi and this time I am on route to Sydney.I haven’t been back for 6 months and I must say…..I am excited!
Last night I “stumbled” across a concerning video on You Tube, It was footage of Japanese police trying to control extremely agitated protesters, they were from the right wing and were demonstrating the against giving permanent resident foreigners the right to vote in local elections. The video itself will not be shown on TV it was too disturbing. Then this morning I watched a TV programme concerning the same issue. Some of the commentators actually support giving foreigners the vote but on national TV they didn’t have the gumption to say they did! A bunch of cowards! All of this goes to show how deep rooted discrimination against forefingers in Japan actually is…..somedays you can handle it and some days you can’t. I can’t handle it today and I am REALLY glad I am going back to Australia for a holiday.
I support dual nationality rather than giving foreigners the right to vote in the local elections, from what I have seen and heard even if I was given the vote I wonder how safe it would be for me to go to the polling station??
I am going on the ABC radio on Friday….I really hope I am going to be able to say something positive about Japan…..

Jet lag!! 時差ボケ!!





Home! Can’t believe it! No clouds in the sky! It is a beautiful day.

That is very rare for Tottori.

Now……jet lag! Yuck! Jet lag and childbirth must have similar qualities. You forget how awful it is but go travelling again and have more children!

Anyway…….it is great to be home and the weather is very much appreciated.

パリは寒かった!! Paris was a little cold….check out the ice!!

最終日にEiffel Tower を徒歩で行きました。本当に、本当に寒かったですよ!!氷、見えますか??
On our last morning we all walked to the Eiffel Tower. It was freezing! Look at the ice! Can you believe it??

ご馳走食べた・・・ We ate well!

We ended up going back to the same restaurant twice! It was so good! We did have a problem with language but somehow managed. The staff were very kind and  food was so good. It was like real home cooking.
No tourists ( except for us) in the restaurant to be seen…..

On the last day we went to Guy Savoy for Danny’s 21st Birthday treat….

芸術のパリに満喫しました The art in Paris….

オーストラリア生まれで西洋文化で育った私は子供のときから欧州との距離に対して妙に違和感を感じました。教育の中で触れてきた欧州の美術や歴史は祖先のことであり自分にはそれほど関係ないと思いました。しかし、こうしてパリに来て自分の目で大好きな画家たちの絵を直接見ると幸せとしか言えれません。感激!感激!昨日はMusee D’Orsayに行き大好きなMonet,Renoir,Pissaro,VanGoughとMatisseを見てきました。絵の数の多いこと!初めて見た子供たちも驚きも隠せませんでした。
As an Austalian child I was raised in a Western culture, I understood the  distance between Europe and Australia but found the need to study European history and culture some what irelevant when considering Australia’s place in the globe. I guess I thought I would never see or be able to appreciate it with my own eyes? But here I am again in Paris and it is amazing to say the least! Yesterday we visited
my favourite musuemu in Paris- Musee D’Orsay and our eyes were treated to the delights of Monet,Renoir,Pissaro,VanGough and Matisse etc. One picture after another- our children were simply amazed.